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What happens in an average hour at BRENTWOOD?

Liaison between local authorities and a Judge to get an urgent interdict to put out a fire that is ravaging a factory set alight by picketers in an unprotected strike;

Retrenchment of a director of thirty years who has sexually harassed a pregnant women;

Negotiation of a settlement between a father and his son who has acted underhandedly and almost crippled his father’s business;

Dismissal of a woman who has been feeding proprietary information to her husband who works for the competition;

Formulating a strategy and implementation of a B-BBEE Certificate for a client who’s contract has been stalled with immediate effect until his B-BBEE Certificate is in place while entire trains stand still, their cargo of perishable goods rotting under the African sun; conference calls with shareholders in Belgium to explain the newest Codes of Good Practice;

Negotiating an agreement with a labour inspector for a new client who hasn’t lodged their annual Employment Equity Plan and Report, or submitting a Workplace Plan and Report for another client who cannot get their learnership in place;

Conciliation and then conducting an Arbitration on behalf of a client who’s entire administration staff have been harassed by a sales woman who behaved very inappropriately at an office party;

Counselling employees who have been tragically affected by a mining accident and lost their best friends, while coordinating the admission of an employee who has attempted suicide at 3am;

And for the rest of the hour we check sick notes... 

Or we Recruit that hard-to- find overhead-gadget-flim-flammer…

We are unique. We don't have a call centre. With 30 staff consulting across all industries for over 30 years, and being the largest Human Resources Consultancy in the country, we are always available. And we’ve seen it all. 

And we work for management exclusively. Our priority is the protection of our clients, the employer, in the face of legislation and workplace relationships.

I’ll tell you what your best friend will tell you –

“Don’t worry, I know a guy – phone BRENTWOOD"