National strike action on 24 February 2021.

The strike action calls for a mass stay away of workers. Protest marches are planned in major cities as well as a march to the National Assembly in Cape Town.

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) stated that the battle against the pandemic did not unite South Africans, but has starkly exposed South Africa’s inequalities, at a time when South Africa was already falling apart.

Protected strike and no work, no pay.
The strike action is a protected by the Labour Relations Act.  Participation in the strike can carry no repercussions to any person who participates, regardless of their union affiliation, or whether or not they are members of a union.

But the principle of no work, no pay does apply.

The main focus of the strike is:

- Construction of a new egalitarian economy, which includes:
    - Minimum wage of R12 500 per month;
    - Moratorium on all job losses;
    - An economy under common ownership, management and control of the working-class;
    - Nationalisation of strategic monopoly industries, banks and mining houses, and re-nationalise ArcelorMittal and Sasol;
    - Cut the wages, bonusses and other benefits of the bosses,;
    - 50% Corporate tax rate;
    - End outsourcing and speed up insourcing;
    - Provide support to informal economy workers and the unemployed.

- The improvement of living conditions and the redistribution of land.
    - Reclaim all land taken by agribusiness and mining houses;
    - Land expropriation without compensation;
    - Stop evictions from farms, land occupations and houses;
    - Release urban land.

- The cutting of greenhouse gas emissions.

- Raising the social wage and providing public healthcare finance.
    - Basic Income Grant of R1500;
    - Nationalise healthcare and implement National Health Insurance.

- Free, decolonised and high-quality public education.
    - Build a comprehensive, high quality education service with a syllabus that empowers our young people to be politically-aware, active citizens.
    - Train educators, apprentices and interns and provide secure employment.

- An end to corruption and crime.

- A non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, socialist society.

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