Employers of domestic workers need to register with Workman’s Compensation so that their employees are covered for workplace injuries and diseases. Registered employers are protected against any liability to an employee or his or her dependents in respect of any occupational injury or disease.

- Do all employees need to be registered under the employers name? Yes.

- When do employers need to be registered by? As soon as possible.

- What if my domestic works for several employers? Submit your Return on Earnings. His/her other employers will do the same.

- My domestic worker is in South Africa illegally. As the employer you must still register.  She is an employee and will benefit from the fund.

- My domestic worker does not have a contract of employment. The employer must still register, and he/she is still covered.

- Do I have to pay the Workman’s Compensation Fund? Yes.

- What do I pay the Fund? Annual salary of the domestic workers, divided by 100, multiplied by 1.04.

- When do I pay? Within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

- Will the amount to pay go up? Yes. It will go up as salaries increases.

- Can I deduct payment to the Fund from my domestic workers salary? No

- Do I have to send a report to the Fund? Yes.  Between 1 April and 31 May every year a Return on Earning must be submitted to the Fund.

- What if I don’t register or don’t pay?  You can be fined.  If there is an incident, there could also be prosecution.

- If my domestic worker is booked off because of an injury on duty does he/she lose sick or annual leave? No.

- Can a claim be made for a vehicle accident to or from work? No.

- What is a registered  employer liable in the event of an injury on duty? Nothing. Workman’s Compensation is responsible.

- How far back can a domestic worker claim? Any occupational injury or disease from 27 April 1994 can be claimed, but claims for this period must be made before 18 November 2021.

- My domestic is/was COVID-19 positive. Can he/she apply for compensation? Yes, but COVID-19 must have been contracted at the workplace.

Employers of domestic employees are obliged to register as employers with the Compensation Fund and submit the necessary returns.

Employers classification when you do register:
As of 01 March 2021, domestic employers will fall under Class M, subclass 2500 at an assessment rate of 1.04. Right now classified under Class XIX Personal Services, subclass 1910 at an assessment rate of 0.81.

Documents to be submitted for employer registration purposes:
- A completed CF-1E Form (Application for the registration of the domestic worker employer);
- A copy of the Employer’s Identification/Passport/Work Permit;
- Proof of the Employer’s Residential Address
- A copy of the Identification/Passport/Work Permit (Employee/s)
- A copy of the employment contract.

Applications are to be sent to RegistrationCF@labour.gov.za  or CFCallcentre@labour.gov.zac.

Submission of Return of Earning (ROE) and Assessment of the employer
Employers must submit a Return of Earnings (ROE) annually online between 1 April and 31 May.
The earnings declared are based on the salaries, including benefits, paid between 1st of March to the 28th of February, and an estimation of the domestic employee’s earnings for the following year.

Workmen’s Compensation contribution
Invoices will be forwarded to the email address you provide, and must be settled within 30 days.
The annual assessment fee to be paid is calculated at the annual salary divided by 100 multiplied by the assessment tariff.
If the monthly salary is R3600:
Annual salary (R3600 x 12 = R43 200) / 100 x Assessment Tariff (1.04) = The contribution is R449.28 per annum.

Online registration to submit Returns of Earning.
Register as a user on the Department of Employment and Labour’s online services platform:
- www.labour.gov.za:
- Select Online Services,
- Select ROE Online or cfonline.labour.gov.za.
Download the prescribed submission form that is posted on the Department’s website should there be difficulties with online submissions.

Submission of claims:
Submitted manually to the Compensation Fund, or the online platform.
- Manual submissions can be submitted at all Department of Employment and Labour’s Labour Centres.
- Online submissions: https://compeasy.labour.gov.za:44328/fiori  to register claims.
- Register For Departmental Access before you register at CompEasy at: https://cfonline.labour.gov.za
- Click External User Registration.
All registered employers including domestic employers are required to register as users on the CompEasy system to enable them to submit claims.

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