The NUMSA engineering sector strike is over.

NUMSA held a press conference earlier today.

The wage increase is 6% on minimum wages at the lower grade, and 5% at the higher grades.  This means that there is the possibility that some employees will not get an increase.

The union kept the strike running to force the demand for increases on actuals.

- 2021/2022: 5%-6% increase.
- 2022/2023: CPIX+0.5%.
- 2023/2024: CPIX+1%.

The increase is implemented immediately.

The increase is back paid to 01 July 2021.

Duration of the agreement: 01 July 2021 – 30 June 2024

Return to work: 22 October 2021. NUMSA has asked for leeway and allow strikers to return to work on 25 October 2021 without repercussions.

NUMSA will be requesting extending the Main Agreement to non-parties. Until then, it is only the employers’ who are members of  SEIFSA and the employers organisations associated with SEIFSA are bound to the agreement. Non-members are only bound to the settlement if the new Main Agreement is gazetted and extended to all non-parties.  This extension did not happen in 2017, but the parties will be trying to get it gazetted.

COVID-19: With the return to work your internal COVID-19 measures must be enforced.  Ensure your internal COVID-19 measures are enforced to protect the workplace.

Disciplinary action: The strike was a protected strike, and there can be no discipline for striking.  If there was misconduct in the strike, there could be disciplinary action for that misconduct.

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